Celebrate the good baby daddies

In this day and age, a good father is hard to come by. With the rising number of teen pregnancies, the number of teen fathers are also rising. No one can ever be 100 percent sure the type of parent he/she will be, but when the time comes, the test begins.
The mother carries the baby for nine months so, of course, she will feel obligated to make sure every need is met.
The father, on the other hand, may not feel that personal connection with the baby.

So the baby’s well-being may not be his priority. While there are fathers who may not step up, a lot of fathers make their offspring their world.

Buying formula and clothes, feeding and bathing come with parenthood.
The most important part of being a good parent is being there.
A child is a blessing, but some treat it like a curse. Good fathers tend to go un-noticed.

One could say,”Being there is what a parent is supposed to do.” While this is true, it isn’t always the case.
Single mothers are constantly appreciated. I’m not saying that they shouldn’t be,but appreciation for fathers seem scarse.
I was raised in a single parent household. While I knew my mother had a hard time raising two daughters, my father was still around.

My father wasn’t in the house, but he was still there (as much as he could be for having five children).
In my eyes, my father is the perfect “baby daddy.” He’s been there since I was born and is still around now.
Being a teenage father has to be a hard job. On top of school, work and finding yourself, you have to worry about raising another person.

I respect baby daddies who take care of their children. It takes a man to be a father.
Good fathers teach their sons how to be men and teach their daughters how to be respected by men.Fathers are important in their children’s lives.
When I watch movies like “The Pursuit of Happyness,” I can’t help but know that there are fathers who go far and beyond for their child.

Seeing a man take care of his child is one of the sexiest characteristics of a man.
To all the good baby daddies, continue to be a good example.
I have always and will always have the most respect and love for you.

Qiyas Smith is a sophomore mass communication major from New Orleans.