Career day held for high school students

Grambling High School celebrated “GSU Day – When Kittens Become Tigers” on Friday, March 19 in the GHS Gymnasium. Susan Billups Wiley, GHS PTS president, assistant to the Dean for Corporate, student, and alumni relations at the GSU College of Business, and also a former GHS/Grambling State University student, presided over the event.The overall message to prospective GSU students was to make “Grambling State University their First Choice,” words of Interim GSU President Dr. Frank G. Pogue.

The event started with the Grambling State University Band and a stunning performance by the nationally ranked GSU cheerleaders, reigniting the Tiger flame in the hearts of all the graduating class at Grambling High School. A rather effective ice breaker as pom poms and flags formed a kaleidoscope of color across the gymnasium stands.

Georgio Douglas, a former Miss GHS (2008-2009), and a political science major here at Grambling State delivered the invocation. The greeting, by Miss Grambling State University and former Miss GHS (2004-2005), was passionate due to her roots in the Grambling community.

Thomas spoke of a lineage of family members who attended both Grambling High School and Grambling State University and urged the students to make the right decision when choosing an undergraduate institution of their choice. She also informed the students that the purpose of the GSU day at Grambling High School was to “share information the students may not know and need to know regarding GSU.”

Dr. Pogue delivered the words of wisdom and told the prospective students that GSU was here today for one reason,
“We’re here to welcome you home.this is your home.”
He further went on to detail some of the things that help to make GSU great, including: the alumni, curriculum, diversified environment, faculty and staff, the band, and athletics. Dr. Pogue’s zenith point at the end of his speech informed the GHS students that “you will get more attention with GSU because of what Grambling represents.”

Other speakers and special guests included Mayor Rick Gallot, former Miss GHS of 1957 Mayor Martha Woodard Andrews, and director of the Favrot Student Union/Student Activities, David “Rusty” Ponton who sold GSU in the form of a light hearted infomercial while reassuring the potential students that though education is priority “we’re here to have fun in a positive way.”
Coach P, as he is referred to by the GSU public, urged students to enroll, and convinced them that at GSU, “we love you, care for you, and will push you in a million dollar direction.”

Overall, the event seemed more like a ‘Good ole Family Get Together’ as opposed to a rigid recruiting tactic. Both educational institutions came together and participated in an adrenaline filled celebration that sought to recruit Grambling’s very own.