BCM is impacting the campus through Christ

The Baptist Collegiate Ministry, commonly known as BCM, is a national student-led, Christ-centered ministry and collegiate organization that encourages students, faculty and staff to enhance and deepen their faith through various activities and functions. The ministry began on the campus of Grambling State in fall 2006 under the director of the Rev. Reginald Alford and his wife Jessica. Since then, the group has been dedicated to fulfilling the great commission.

In keeping up with the purpose of the organization, more than 300 souls have been saved and many have rededicated their lives back to Christ.

Through the years BCM has created innovative ways to reach their 250 members, the campus, and the community. Some of these ways include local church visits, weekly bible study at Lewis Temple C.M.E. Church in the village of Grambling, intramural teams, BCM day, gifts and talents night and small group ministries.

Some of the small group ministries are fine arts, women, men, public relations, sports, music, freshman, prayer, evangelism, discipleship, and inreach and outreach. The purpose of the ministries is to allow the students to be more active in BCM and to display all the gifts and talents the students have.

There is something to fit everyone from the dancer to the people person. BCM encourages people to use what God gave you for the kingdom of God.

Some upcoming events are the Royal Weekend from April 30 until May 2, a softball tournament in late April, and a mission trip during spring break. Bible study is held on Tuesday night at 8 p.m. at Lewis Temple.

The next session will be held April 6 and will be weekly until May 4.

BCM wishes the Tiger family a blessed and safe spring break.

Sharoma Scurry is a member of Baptist Campus Ministry.