A salute to Clara Miles, a student favorite

As a baby-faced freshman from Southern Louisiana, the Grambling atmosphere didn’t offer much that reminded me of home. Northern and Southern Louisiana are two vastly different worlds. The people, mind frames and lifestyles caused me to wonder if I would experience college life without going crazy.
So I latched onto sentiments that reminded me of home.
That feeling of home comes in the form of a beautiful, wise, and no nonsense older woman by the name of Mrs. Clara Miles. Miles is a Grambling State University employee of 42 years, known for checking ID cards in McCall Dining Hall during lunch and dinner. Miles treats everyone how they deserve to be treated. And dealing with rowdy young adults is no easy task. I’ve witnessed belligerent students argue without warrant. All the while Miles sticks to her guns and handles situations in a manner that reminds me of how my own grandmother.

“I’ve enjoyed my job and being here at Grambling through the years. Most of the students are well mannered young men and women and a pleasure to be around … except for a few spoiled ones,” said Miles.

During my time at this university the two things I know won’t change are tuition increases every semester and Mrs. Miles. She played a significant role in helping my maturation and in me becoming a man.

I remember the scolding for forgetting my card and making me travel all the way back to my room, to teach responsibility and for that I can say only thank you. I see Mrs. Miles in the same light as my mother, grandmother and any other woman that I cherish, so from me especially (inside joke) on behalf of the students here at Grambling State University past, present, and future.