Why not kill all the Barbies?

Last time I checked, no one was made of plastic or by Mattel. Every time I turn around, I see someone with black and pink hair with bangs. Give it up.
You never realize how much of an influence someone has until EVERYONE is doing it. When Ciara first came out, everyone started tying the back of their shirts and wearing knee-high boots. Now, the New Boyz have males wearing skinny jeans, which can’t be comfortable.

Nicki Minaj has almost every female having black and colored hair, wearing massive amounts of makeup and calling themselves Barbie.

Stop putting “Minaj” and “Barbie” in your Twitter and Facebook names. Be creative.

You were born a human being, not a “Harajuku Barbie” or any type of children’s play toy.

Since when is having a “minaj” cool? I’m a big fan of Nicki Minaj, but I can honestly say that I don’t want “Barbie” or “Minaj” anywhere in my name.

Why do so many of us lack creativity? What will it be after Nicki Minaj? If a rapper comes out dressing like a bird, will everyone want to be a bird?

I can’t wait until this Barbie phase is over. It’s gotten as bad as sagging.

My problem isn’t with Barbie. I played with her my whole childhood. My problem is with the lack of creativity this generation has.

That being said, everyone can’t be Barbies. While you think you are a Harajuku or Black Barbie, you just look like a cabbage patch doll.

I would be more understanding if people took the Barbie concept and put their own spin on it.
Not only are people not putting their own spin on it, they’ve taken it so far to the point where they’ve become carbon copies of Nick Minaj (or tried to become copies).
Hopefully, we will eventually find our own identities and stop hiding behind false personas created by someone else.
I’ve always wanted to ask Nicki Minaj why she chose Barbie.

Is it because Barbie is the “perfect woman?” Or could it be that she wanted to make a complete 180 from (allegedly) being Remy Ma’s “butch lover.”

I may never understand why Barbie is so special but I do hope that we will do better.

Qiyas Smith is a sophomore mass communication major from New Orleans