Track star breaking records at GSU

Twenty miles from Atlanta is a city located in Cobb County called Marietta, and it is the hometown of numerous celebrities, Ty Pennington and Travis Tritt to name a couple.
It’s also the place of birth for track & field star TyShaun Webb, a junior history major at Grambling State. The events that Webb competes in are the 200 & 400 meter dash as well as the 4 x 400 relays. His swift moves and agility led him and the men’s track team to the 2009 SWAC Championship, leaving as the winners. Webb recently sat down for an interview to highlight his character, on and off the track:

Q: How long have you been running track?
A: Ever since I was 8 years old.

Q: Was it by choice or did a family member influence you to run track?
A: Well, my dad was an Olympic runner so it was a bit of both.

Q: Who is your favorite track athlete and for what reason?
A: Michael Johnson, because he broke the records for both events (200 & 400 meter dash) that I compete in.

Q: What is your greatest accomplishment while running track?
A: In high school, I was on the All-American team.

Q: What goes through your mind while on the track?
A: To be free. Nothing matters except running.

Q: Before you enter the track, do you have any activities you partake in before the event begins?
A: I check to make sure my wristband, that I’ve been wearing since my freshman year in high school, is still on my ankle. (Laughs loudly.)

Q: What are some of your accomplishments?
A: My junior year in high school I was the state champion in my events. Following that in my senior year, I was the state runner-up in the 200 meter dash event. Here at Grambling, I broke the 200 meter dash event at Alcorn State University in a time of 21.73 [as] a freshman.

Q: With being offered scholarships at other universities, what made you choose GSU?
A: (Laughs.) Coach Lovell. I heard a lot about him and in my opinion, he is a wonderful coach and a great man.

Q: If you weren’t running track, what would you be doing?
A: (Chuckles.) Playing baseball. No one believes me but it’s true. I’m really good. I am unable to run track and play baseball due to the seasons being at the same time.

Q: What are your ambitions following college?
A: Going back to my high school (Marietta) to teach and coach.