SGA extends communication through site

The Student Government Association of Grambling State University has established a presence on the World Wide Web in an effort to reach more members of the student body. The Web site is www.gramblingsga.com and has been up for approximately two weeks.

SGA President Steven Jackson said, “It’s a more modern and standardized way to get our messages across to the public since everyone is ‘hooked’ on the Internet.”
Jackson told The Gramblinite that any information pertaining to the operations of the SGA will be posted on the site.

According to Jackson, the site will be completely different from the GSU Web site but he hopes that in the near future there is a link between both Web sites.

The Web site was created by Computer Information System Senior Student, Derwin Emmanuel and according to Jackson, the Web site creator is still putting on the finishing touches in an effort to further increase the professionalism and efficiency of the Web site.

Jackson said plans are now being carried out to insert a platform where visitors to the site can post their comments online.

This, he said, will provide for further interaction between the students and SGA and also help to bridge the gap between the association and sections of the student body.

“We want to bring people inside the SGA, particularly students and the community,” Jackson stated.
Further, he outlined that a lot of people have written-off SGA as a joke or as another club, but he desires to ensure the public that the SGA is a serious organization that meets on a regular basis and deals with policy related issues that deal with real issues that effect or advance students’ life.
He also said that he hopes the Web site will help to attract more students to the association by exposing some of the issues that the SGA is dealing with.

Shortly, the SGA president said they plan a massive publicity drive to inform the student body about the Web site.

“We plan to constantly use word of mouth, including the Web site in all our promotional materials, such as radio advertisements and newsletters,” stated Jackson.