Fierce duo Does it again

Lady Gaga and Beyonce premiered the genius abstract “Telephone” music video.Even though the video lasted (9:41) minutes its story depicts two fabulous crazed murdering vixens that go from town to town.

The beginning depicts Gaga being guided as an inmate through the hall of the prison where other female inmates lust after her.
She approaches the yard with the other cellmates rocking a headpiece, which is adorned with cigarettes covering her eyes.

Once she is released her partner in crime Beyonce who is of course known for her blonde brown hair switched to a vintage style.

Everyone has his or her favorite of the two creative songstresses.

There are parts where caution tape barely covers Gaga’s body.

The video was like watching a miniseries that you could not keep your eyes off of.

Then moving on to the scene where Gaga and Beyonce enter a diner.

The pair has on American flag apparel and they contemplate how they are going to deal with the rude Tyrese Gibson, who makes his cameo by sexually harassing women and bullying men.

His attention is grabbed by Gaga over at the bar. Beyonce then pours poison into his cup of coffee.

A dance scene follows where Gaga advertises Miracle Whip and Wonder bread. Different vials of poison are used as props likes she’s acting out an infomercial.

Throughout the video, the news is steady reporting on the progress of their location.

As seen in the last couple of videos Gaga has created, there has been advertising for a lot of companies, which in return equals revenue.

She is becoming the savvy businesswoman and quite the performer.

The video comes to an end showing the two driving away reflecting on the trouble they have caused.
This is not the first time Gaga and Beyonce have collaborated.

The two can also be seen in the remix of “Video Phone,” which is featured on I am Sasha Fierce remix album.
With both of them at the top of the charts right now this song became a hit.