Women must learn to meet us half way

You are appreciated, in the words of the late Tupac Shakur from his 1994 hit song “Dear Mama.” I salute loving mothers, single/married and grandmothers, the young lady getting her education, Ms. Career-driven independent woman, Ms. Natural, and my full-figured and always ladylike sistas holding down the fort.

For you, men would try to move both heaven and earth just to be in your good graces.

These women know without a shadow of doubt that if they haven’t met the right caliber of man yet, in due time they will. He will know he has a woman more solid than any other.

They take responsibility for their actions, never make excuses and with the slightest touch can take pain away.
So to you and all that you do, on behalf of Black men everywhere, I’m grateful.

But there’s always a but(t) waiting to get in somewhere to rear its ugly behind, if you pardon the lame expression.
In life there is always another side, and for how much I love the aforementioned women, I despise those who the derogatory names fit.

No need to say them because you know what and who they are, generally speaking. As of now, your male appreciation level is about 2. So we need to get that to 10 real fast.

Many of you are in the “D” (denial) hard. So, let the following serve as motivation instead of a scolding.

A man will only respect you, if first you have self-respect. With that said, respect is earned, not given.

Check how you carry yourself at all times. Bad perception can lead to prejudice.

You are human too. You are just as responsible as the man in different situations. From the time you meet until he leaves your life, you have to pick up on nuances about his character, whether verbal or not.

Leave your superstar at home. In these times, it seems every woman wants to be out of a TV show, video, print, films, etc. So, remember that no cameras are following your life. If you don’t get love for being you, then you’re looking in the wrong places.

Stop hiding behind religion with no intentions to change. Stop telling the next dude you meet that you’re saved after he saw you in a compromising situation. We are all children of God that he works on daily. So, just own up to whatever, because I know some killers who love God, too.

Give yourself a chance to do positive, and stick to it. With confidence you have won before you have started, as Marcus Garvey said.
Even though at times we aren’t worth a lot as men, don’t let that be an excuse to sink to what some of you think our level is.
My apologies for the years of oppression and the macho BS, but two wrongs don’t make a right.
Without you all living up to your potential, the world just wouldn’t be right.