Twenty Questions?

1) Who passed their midterms?
2) Who doesn’t know?
3) Who misses Elijah?
4) Since it’s getting warm now, shouldn’t he be back?
5) Who’s all in an adult video these days?
6) Doing something strange for a piece of change?
7) Is this probate season?
8) Will the rappers freestyle tonight?
9) Do they have midterms tomorrow?
10) Who plans to celebrate the end of midterms with a bottle?
11) When will diss pages die?
12) Do the creators believe in karma?
13) Are they gonna bust hell wide open?
14) Who’s going to be the next SGA president?
15) Who better not run?
16) Who’s going to be the next Miss Grambling?
17) Will this Cover Girl pageant be another praise dance fest?
18) Can we get a Cover Boy pageant?
19) Forget about SACS yet?
20) Who still watches American Idol?