Sex tape + no condoms = chaos

Recently a video of supposed college students in an orgy hit the Web. Many were appalled. However, throughout the sex romp, hardly any condoms were used. The video portrayed a group of girls plotting illicit behavior.Obvious disdain for the net film grew evermore after prevalent discussions. People were concerned about whether condoms are used at all. Yes, health care providers preach it, and various organizations encourage it, but do participants listen?

A common misconception is that since a pair are in a “monogamous” relationship, a condom is not needed, depending on the length of the relationship. However, do you really know who your mate is with besides you? Let’s face it. Everyone at GSU is not monogamous, and if you are not married, you are single.

Furthermore, if the relationship is open, that presents more risks. These are the relationships no one openly explains. So if anyone asks, many reply with ” That’s my homie!” or “Yea we talk … ”

Friendships with benefits open the door for diseases. The homie that you claim you “talk” to is her homie and maybe even his homie. You never know. Is it really worth it?

Some women may be leery about carrying condoms in their pocketbooks. The fear of questioned promiscuity may make them feel uncomfortable.

Contrary to popular belief, condoms are a unisex contraceptive. In addition to male condoms, there is an alternative known as the female condom. And actually the International AIDS charity Avert, reports that the female condom will protect against most STDs and pregnancy like the male condom.

It can be inserted up to eight hours before the act of sex, as to not interfere with the “moment.” And the ” I’m allergic to latex” excuse cannot be given, because it is made of polyurethane.
With all these options, why are STD stats so high?

Whether the “sex tape” featured HBCU students or not, the fact is that they were African Americans. The tape should not only be a topic of vulgar discussion, but also a lesson to college students. A lesson that unprotected sex, alcohol and institutions of higher learning do not mix.