Grambling State alumnus reflects on sex scandal

“We have not determined if the individuals in the video are students of Florida A&M University or any other college or university,” President James Ammons wrote to The Tallahassee Democrat. “It has been determined, however, the residential facility featured is not a FAMU dormitory.
“The Division of Student Affairs is further investigating whether this involves any other FAMU facility or FAMU students.”
That takes a lot of wind out of the sail of the sex tape doesn’t it? Besides, I read a Tweet by one of the alleged actors saying she was paid to be in the flick anyway.
This whole ordeal irks me. I won’t go into the details of the sex tape; however, there was a lot of coonery in it.
What irks me the most is that FAMU’s name was associated with the video for a quick buck or promotion.
The video may have made many happy to watch, but was it really worth hurting an HBCU’s image?
Was it worth making FAMU seem like the place to have sex tapes made?
I checked out the Web site . I was curious if they had any other schools. They did, but they did not name these schools. I’m guessing in an attempt not be sued.
After glancing at the Web site, I realized it was another cheesy company. I feel bad for my FAMU brethren. They should not have to defend their name from a vicious lie. I encourage the FAMU administration to take legal action to shut this company down.
Far too often, we see HBCUs names slandered and there’s nothing done about it. Grambling State has been hit with vicious lies.
One of the most famous lie, which ALL GSU students have heard, is Grambling State doesn’t have accreditation.
If I had a dollar for every time I heard that rumor, I would have no student loans.
This is the norm though. Plenty of lies float around about every HBCU to an extent, but not much is being done to correct those lies.
Instead of stopping them in their tracks, we allow them to fester, gain momentum and take the place of the truth.
The sex tape is really just the tip of the iceberg with how HBCUs are exploited due to their uniqueness.
Maybe all HBCUs should form a coalition and go after those that do so.
The explosiveness of the sex tape shows the power of the World Wide Web and a lie. It reminds me of a saying my mom used to have hanging in the bathroom:
“A lie can travel halfway around the world, while the truth is putting its shoes on.”Darryl D. Smith of Monroe is an alumnus of G.S.U. and former editor of The Gramblinite.