Gabby was robbed!

Gabby was robbed!
Qiyas SmithThere’s a time in every awards show when the “wrong person” wins. In this case, it was Gabby Sidibe. She lost the Oscar to Sandra Bullock for Best Actress.

I can’t be the only one who thinks Sidibe was robbed. The movie Bullock won for was “The Blind Side.” For those who haven’t heard of this movie, it focused on a white family who took in a homeless black boy, Michael Oher. Like every other movie, the young man faces challenges and overcomes them.

While there are people who faces the same problems Oher did, it’s been told before. Precious is the movie that directors are scared to film. I’m not saying “The Blind Side” was a bad movie, I don’t feel it should have won against “Precious.”

“Precious” focused on the raw and uncut problems people face today. It is the type of movie that needs to be seen. Every girl that is a Precious and every woman that is a Mary Jones sees their reflections can make a change.

Born in New York, 3 years ago Sidibe was a Psychology major with almost no experience. Not only was “Precious” a good movie, Sidibe did a wonderful job to not having little acting background or even having dreams of being an actress.

While Sidibe did win Best Actress and the NAACP Awards, I truly feel she is deserving of an Oscar. It could be a possibility that some weren’t ready to see a movie about a 350-pound female with HIV. Either they weren’t ready or aren’t ready to accept her character.

Eventally, it has to be accepted that there are girls like Precious and the world needs to know. Being naive of what is going on isn’t going to make the problems go away.

“Precious” was done as tastefully as possible. No, there weren’t any crackheads or alcoholics in the movie, but it followed a girl was played the hand that life dealt her.

Comedian Mo’nique deserved all the awards she won. In some of her interviews, she spoke of how hard it was to be Mary because of heartless she was. Besides the fact, Mo’nique played her part and played it well.

In 2008, Mo’nique revealed to Essence that she was sexually molested, at 7, by her teenage brother. She says to People magazine, “I’m angry. I’m mad. I’m hurt. I’m crying, but doing this movie made me say, ‘You know what? I forgive.’ I forgive and I wish he would get the help that he needs, so no one else will go through it.”

It’s ironic how Bullock won an Oscar for Best Actress and a Razzie for Worst Actress in the same year. She won the Razzie for her role in “All About Stevie,” I haven’t heard of it either.