Forget the worthless stereotypes; our women are priceless

At first, it was difficult to gauge the true value of a woman, but it didn’t take long to find a myriad of reasons why I should appreciate you. You play several key roles such as Mother, Sister, Wife and Daughter. You are the proverbial Yin to my Yang.
You possess intrinsic qualities that are directly proportional to time. I have grown up surrounded by many of you.

I’ve witnessed those roles transform into counselor, best friend, motivator and backbone.
In one way or another, society is greatly impacted by your existence.

In return, society has done little to acknowledge the significance and essence of what you represent. Over the course of time, we have torn and cut away at the very fabric that comforts us.
By degrading and disregarding our women we are slowly retarding their growth and inhibiting their light from illuminating the world. I believe that every woman is born inherently beautiful and flawless.
They subsequently lose the substance that makes them the special beings they were created to be.

This is due to a process of being measured and forced to fit a monolithic, ideological mold that was cast by a culture that misunderstands and underappreciates everything about them.
I won’t claim to have complete knowledge of women, but from the women I’ve encountered, I have reason to believe that there is powerful potential energy to be unleashed.

Unfortunately, those women were of a different era. In modern society, women are catapulted into the mainstream under a spotlight and put on display as divas, glorified for the way they look on the outside with only a dim light left to display what’s inside.

I see this to be a major distraction. No offense to Nicki Minaj, but why emulate her, pink hair and all? Besides your appearance and sex appeal, have you nothing else to offer? In the words of Lupe Fiasco, “Mix Melissa Ford with Maya Angelou, become a top model and Sojourner, too.”

Women like Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey Hillary Clinton, Soledad O’Brien and The Queen of Sheba are all the paragons for what you should strive to achieve.

I find beauty in their strength, courage, wisdom and success, none of which is enhanced by makeup, breast implants, weave or gastric bypass.

It is undeniable that you, too, possess power beyond all measure by simply being a woman.

Chivalry died the moment you lost sight of your worth. If you are unaware of your value, you will continue to let society treat you improperly.

Long ago I developed an affinity and a high level of appreciation for women that was directly tied to my upbringing.
Many were not afforded the same lessons. But on behalf of men who share my appreciation and value for you, I’d like to just say,

“Go baby!”

Christian Jackson is a senior major from Inglewood Calif.