Avoid the red light and reputation

While we are all aware of sex tape scandals from Paris Hilton, Pamela Lee Anderson, and Kim Kardashian, it’s comical until the person on camera is you or someone you know. The distribution of pornography accounted for nearly $12 billion and seeks new talent. This gives anyone with a camcorder an opportunity to make a tape and receive payment.
The following are helpful tips that will assist you into not becoming the next best thing on camera or cyberspace (and no we are not referring to an A-list celebrity):

If you’re in a room or wherever you choose to engage in sexual activity and happen to see a little red light, STOP right there.

Generally, red means halt.

Be mindful of cellular phones and iPods. Yes, iPods. Apple recently distributed one of their new products, the iPod Nano, which allows you to record videos on the device.
Nowadays cell phones have at least a 2-megapixel-camera/video recorder built into them.

TRUST YOUR INTUITION. If you have a gut feeling about the situation, leave the room.

AVOID alcohol and/or drugs, especially at parties. People are most vulnerable and unable to grasp their own will when under the influence, which clouds their judgment.
In a nutshell, the more you drink or smoke, the less your guard will be up.
Everyone wants to capture the individual who had too many drinks and can barely spell his/her name on their phones to show friends, who then show their friends, and so on.

Use caution while using social networks via Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Compromising photos may lead to explicit photos.
It’s very simple to copy and paste your headshot to someone else’s body.

For the females — while in public locations, try to remain cautious of being scantily clad in short dresses, shorts and skirts. It’s effortless for someone to take a snapshot of your undergarments without your notice.

SEXTING. Yes sexting. Sexting is defined as sending a sexually explicit text message and/or video.

Many college students party and participate in sexual pursuits, but it’s imperative to remain out of harms way. It’s OK to “Do
The Ricky Bobby.” Just don’t pose for the frame.

Candice Dixson is a junior mass communication major from San Diego, Calif.