You Are Appreciated

In my few years of life there’s some things that I have noticed,
Like the rule that’s broken the most is the one they call golden.
Like getting money unexpected is like Christmas earlier in the year,
Like everything a parent says doesn’t always fall on a listening ear.
Like never come to college and don’t know why you’re going,
Like there’s nothing better in this world than a strong black woman.
Not the type of woman that believes she needs make up for beauty,
But the type of woman that believes that true beauty is inside me.
Not a woman that is running after a man for her sense of importance,
But a woman that knows the real meaning of independent.
A woman with a strong walk, head held high and her shoulders pushed back,
Defined in one word, fierce, is what we call that.
A woman that knows that short haired women are beautiful too,
One knowing that long hair isn’t all that if it has to be sewn in or put in with glue.
Not just a woman that happen to be a size three or smaller,
One that knows its just more to love if I’m bigger or taller.
I’m talking ’bout the short, bright, dark with height, all y’all women,
I just want to say to all y’all, that I love y’all women.
I appreciate every woman I come across and that’s a fact for sure,
Cause without these beautiful women none of us would be here.
There would be no Malcolm X and Dr. King without a woman,
No history making Barack Obama without a woman.
No longer will I ever overlook all the things a woman has to go through,
But instead I will say that I truly do appreciate you.
I appreciate those heart to heart talks from my mother,
I appreciate the love and care shown by my grandmother.
I appreciate all the soul food cooked and given to me by my aunt,
And the loving way they asked if that was all I want.
To all the women of the world I love you and what all that means is,
In addition to calling our women strong and beautiful we should also call them queens.- Poem By: C. Lawrence Richard
Sports Medicine Freshman