Search for GSU president postponed

On Friday, Feb. 26 a meeting concerning a new permanent president for Grambling State University was placed on hold. Reasons concerning the issue have not yet been determined, yet many believe the interim president is on his way to becoming GSU’s permanent president. Vanessa Littleton, director of public relations, thinks highly of Pogue and his mission for GSU. “I think Dr. Pogue is the type of guy that we should all try to mimic. While working under his leadership, a different feeling has taken precedence.”

Littleton also reflected on a meeting held on Saturday, Feb. 27 in relation to the effect he has had on the student bod . “During a staff meeting on Saturday a student, who was unable to get in school for the spring semester, came into the conference room unannounced.”

“Not only did Dr. Pogue immediately address the student’s issue, he also held the meeting to do so. He also greeted the student’s parents and lent a helping hand to assist the student with his dilemma.”

Dr. Pogue has proven to be a dedicated leader that is committed to servicing the community of Grambling in addition to GSU. He has made it a priority to support many events held on campus and is determined to make his mark at this university.

Pogue became the first African-American to lead a traditionally white college or university in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Pogue has already proven to be an exceptional leader and is making an impact on the administration of GSU.

These accusations have been accounted for through the many contributions he has made to other institutions. According to Cheney University in Pennsylvania as Edinboro president, Dr. Pogue became the first African-American to lead a traditionally white college or university in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on July 1, 1996.

Academic programs expanded by three dozen, facilitated by a nationally-recognized strategic planning process. Under Dr. Pogue’s direction, the university was also re-accredited with commendation for 10 years by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools in 2003.

Pogue’s friendly exterior and strategic work ethics has undoubtedly rebuilt the faith of students and faculty of GSU.

Though his official plan of action is unclear, his noted reputation for civic responsibility professionalism will continue to make a mark GSU.