Pleasant Grove rounds up families

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church of Ruston held its annual Family and Friends Round-up, which began with Sunday school and was followed by the morning service and the anticipated round-up last Sunday. The theme was “Black History: Culture and Change.”

The welcome, a prayer and announcements were the responsibility of the youth in the church: Sasha Hudson, Sydney Hudson and Nina Collins, respectively.

Also on program was guest Arquisia Williams, a member of
Choudrant’s Mt. Sinai Baptist Church.

She shared her monologue entitled “What If Dr. King Were Alive Today?”

Williams said King would say it was a win-win when President-elect Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in.

“Dr. King would be proud of the number of young people who voted in the past presidential election and would have great joy knowing that people stood in line for hours just to exercise their right to vote,” she said.

Dr. King would be disappointed by the number of Black men in prison, she said.

He would say, “On that note, young boys and men, pull up your pants.

“Young girls and women, cover yourselves and learn to dress for success.”

The sermon entitled “It’s Hard to Forget Where You Come From, But the Work Must Go On” was delivered by Adrian Nelson, presiding minister.

Nelson said February is a month to remember where we come from.

Some of us are so caught up in the past that we forget about the future, Nelson added.

“It is up to us to see the dream through. It is not time to stop because we have a Black president.

“History can be wonderful, but be careful not to let it ruin your future,” he said.

George Garner was the chair of the round-up activities. He reminded participants that it was a wholesome activity.

“Be mindful where you are and what you are about. Anything that is not godly will not be allowed. Let’s have a godly time,” he said.

Garner said he volunteered to be chair because of his love for his church and God.

“It’s beautiful anytime we can have wholesome fun in the Lord’s name.

“We had nice weather and a good turnout,” he said. “We had six generations present.”
Garner has been a member of the church for 12 years.

Kenneth Sapp, the pastor of Pleasant Grove, said, “In 2010, the African American family can worship, fellowship, eat and have clean and wholesome fun together.