FCA encourages relationship with God

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes hosted a spiritual event entitled “Tired of Losing” in the Tiger Village clubhouse Monday evening. The conversation kicked off as students explained how they are tired of losing.

Some said that people tend to compare themselves to others and, as a result, feel dissatisfaction in their lives. The event was centered around solutions for hurting people.
“(‘Tired of Losing’) brought awareness that if we continue to do things our way, when God has told us the right way, the pain and struggles we live with will continue to grow,” said marketing junior Damien Blythers of Atlanta.

The first Bible verse of the night was Isaiah 1:5. It reads, “Why will ye be still stricken, that ye revolt more and more? The whole head is sick, and the whole heart faint.”

Students also read Isaiah 1:13, which reads, “Bring no more vain oblations; incense is an abomination unto me; new moon and Sabbath, the calling of assemblies, I cannot away with iniquity and the solemn meeting.”

Antione Anderson, junior biology major from Slidell, is a proud regular of FCA. “It’s helpful to my Christian walk as a college student,” he said. From Monday, Anderson came to the conclusion that “in order to be a winner or champion in Christ, I must submit to His will.”

“The message was taught in a way that everyone could relate,” said Blythers.

The Grambling State University branch of FCA is led by Grambling State University alumnus, Henry Tolbert. Tolbert is a 2006 business management graduate and former G-man from Birmingham, Ala.

“FCA is an organization dedicated to increasing the fullness of everyone’s life,” said Blythers.

FCA’s events typically bring about 100 people, Tolbert said. With the last home basketball game of the season being played the same night, Monday’s event drew a crowd of an estimated 60, he said.

Anderson describes FCA as a “different type of atmosphere” and “laid back and down to earth.”

Tacorey Johnson, mass communication major from Atmore, AL, isn’t a regular of FCA but hopes to be. After being invited to FCA by his friends, he found it as a positive “interesting atmosphere.”

The original FCA was created as a venture into athletes’ spiritual lives, Tolbert said. The mission now on campus is tailored to suit collegiate lifestyles and an influx of non-athletes.

Tolbert said he picked up the position as FCA director as a transitional leader until the organization becomes more student run. He said that FCA helped him during his undergraduate years.

“It impacted me as a student,” Tolbert said.

The biggest takeaway from Monday’s event was for students to heal their open wounds with God’s leadership, he said.

“Why would I walk around with a cut on my arm and not do anything about it? . There’s no irreparable damage that’s done to your life at any point, ” Tolbert said.
Johnson said, “so many people want God and they need an example.” Very pleased with FCA, he said, “Henry Tolbert has a good thing.”
FCA seeks athletes and non-athletes to share in Christian fellowship and is deemed a success.

“FCA has completely blown my expectations out of the water,” Tolbert said.

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes began in 1954 and is the largest Christian sports organization in America, according the organization’s web site. People who are interested in joining FCA should e-mail gramblingfca@gmail.com for more information.