Tigers host Mississippi Valley for final home game

The Frederick C. Hobdy Arena was the venue for the last home game of the basketball season for the Tigers, whose opponents were the Mississippi Valley Devils, last night. While the well-anticipated event was on the court, the coaching staff took the time to recognize the soon-to-be graduating seniors on the two teams.

Graduate student Ashley Cooper from San Antonio, Texas will depart soon. Cooper was close to tears while watching a video presentation on the marquee.

Guard Ariece Perkins and forward George Akpele, were each presented with an enlarged photograph, highlighting one of their best moves on the court. Both players were supported during the recognition by their parents.

Beginning the tip-off for the Lady Tigers gave the Devilettes possession of the ball. The Tigers played a strong defense during the first half, while the Devilettes lost possession of the ball numerous times, due to traveling and carelessness.

The Tigers exemplified teamwork on the court. It might have been coincidental that she shares the same jersey number with Michael Jordan, but junior Secrett Anderson assisted her team in scoring andearned nine points. Anderson also blocked four shots and had two steals.

Ending at halftime, the scoreboard read GSU 34, MVSU 28. During the second half with 10:45 on the clock, the Lady Tigers scored again, and then, disaster struck. The team lost both Rachele Dobbins and Wyneishia Randle due to injuries.

Dobbins’ damaged knee, led to her being removed from the court and treated. While Randle was no longer able to play due to a twisted foot, she remained on the sidelines to support her teammates.

“It’s upsetting to not be able to continue the game but the team was still able to do well,” she said.

Kristen Harper scored 13 points for the Tigers and led in scoring. Alexis Watson had 12 points and 3 steals. The Lady Tigers secured a win over the Devils, 60-54, and obtained a seat in the SWAC championship tournament to be held March 10-13 in Shreveport.

Devils guard Julius Cheeks started the game with a three point shot and was able to secure a 10 point lead against the Tigers. It was not until the clock read 11:13 when Tigers guard Rupert Rose sunk a three pointer to score for his team.

The home team consistently trailed behind the Devils because of bad passes and negligence of rebounding their shots. In addition to being at the rear of points, the Tigers also accumulated 7 team fouls before the first half ended.

While the Tigers and Devils continued to take turns leading by two in the second half, it was teammates Lance Fuertado, Ariece Perkins and Rupert Rose who embodied solidarity, leading to Rose taking a two point shot who was fouled but secured the free throw attempt.

Top scorers for the game were Perkins who picked up 18 points and Fuertado, scoring 22 for the team. The Tigers were not able to gain a victory over the Devils, leaving the scoreboard reading GSU 61, MSVU 65.

Both teams will travel to Alabama State University against the Hornets on Thursday night.

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