How to conquer one of today’s biggest abuses: love addiction

In our lives we experience many addictions. It may be shopping, exercising, or even drugs and alcohol. But did you know love can also be an addiction? Some people are unable to function without having a companion. Are you a love addict?

Many of you are probably in love with someone who is not available to you.

You dream of them, you think about them constantly, and you couldn’t care less about dating anyone else!
I know how difficult it can be to move past an unresolved love affair.

I also have witnessed this pain many times, and I have seen this scenario firsthand.
The solution is that you have to decide what is more important.

Give up if your rational mind is telling you it’s hopeless. Give up if your friends say, “Reclaim your life.”

Give up if you have called your family only to hear them say, “I see no future in your relationship with him or her.”
After you’ve exhausted all avenues, save your own life and find happiness again.

There might have been situations where your heart and loved ones direct you to that special someone.

Maybe you have moved on, but some type of connection pulls you back to that person. In my opinion, that is what we would call “found a soulmate.” So, what to do in such a case? Again, the choice is yours.

If all roads are leading nowhere, get out of the way as soon as possible. But if both parties are at a starting point, why not take the risk?

Some things are so simple to recognize and others are made difficult because often times we refuse to deal with reality.

With or without a person by your side, it is possible to love and be loved. But remember, true love begins with loving yourself first.

I know it’s hard, but I’ve seen many people who followed this advice succeed.

Ashley B. Leichmon is a senior mass communication major from Crossett, Ark.