Health: Miss Black and Gold encourages self-esteem

Self-esteem, believing in oneself and achieving what everyone else may believe to be impossible, walking the long mile and sometimes standing alone for what you believe in, are necessary.Feeling good about oneself and having the ability to make hard decisions and stand for what you believe in despite the opinions of others are also important. Knowing when enough is enough and standing up against peer pressure is a critical step in building self-esteem.

Setting limits for yourself based on the goals you have for your life is a major attribute for accomplishing ones goal.

Remember, if there are people in this world who dislike you, there’s something that you are doing right. You were designed to be who you are, where you are at this very moment because you are someone special.

The color of your skin, the size of your body, the height you stand, and the intellect you possess are all characteristics that make up the unique and individualized person called you.

When people say you can’t, push forward and say you did. When people say it’s too hard, dig deeper and overcome. When people press you down, believe in yourself and rise to the occasion.

Determination and belief in oneself are driving forces that make good great and ultimately dreams come true. So when you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see, look deeper and see what you are and not what “they” say you are because at the end of the day you have to be happy with yourself.

We are in charge of our destinies and the only reason people put others down is because of their own insecurities.
No one can define, limit, or stop your progression but you. Usually the problem is 10 percent the situation and 90 percent your reaction to it. Your reaction defines your inner self, which is self-esteem manifest outward.

No matter how unloved you have felt, how lonely or how lost you have been, God chose you and believed in you and put you in this perfect place at this perfect time to endure this perfect storm as only you could.

Nothing worth having comes without a fight, and sometimes the biggest battle is the one we carry daily within ourselves.

Remember with positive self-esteem you can create your own team and with you as the leader your dreams are within reach and can become reality.

Valencia Chaffold is a junior nursing major from Arlington, Texas.