Grambling students invited to lunch with Cinderella

Grambling State University students and other interested individuals will have the opportunity to get close and personal with the cast of Cinderella when the Speech and Theatre Department presents “Lunch with Cindy & Friends” on Saturday in the Black & Gold Room.The social event formed part of the final showing for Cinderella this Saturday at the Floyd L. Sandler Theatre, commencing at 10 a.m. and followed by Lunch with Cindy & Friends in the Black and Gold room.

Cinderella is a story of one young lady and the ill treatment she suffered from her stepmother.

This fairy tale is the latest theatrical production to be staged by the Theatre Department and according to play director, Mary Crook, Cinderella is close to her heart as it was a production she did while in graduate school.

“I had to be a part of this production when I was in grad school, and so when I was asked to direct the children’s show, I had no problem choosing this one (Cinderella).”

“I believe this production will teach us how we can make friends and work with each one, whether great or small.”
Crook, who is attached to the Theatre & Speech Department, said Cinderella is a production that can be viewed by all ages, but the presentation has a particular interest for children.

“I believe in exposing theatre to children, as it’s a means to teach them and expose the creative arts to them.”

Technical Director for Cinderella, Steve Chapin, is responsible for building and designing the set.

The erection of the rotating stage has been in process since the ending of the Fall semester.

According to Chapin, the rotating set creates a more unique look that will appeal to the target audience, who are the children.

“You have to make sure you have a higher level of realism for children than for adults .”

“This makes it (constructing the set) more difficult, but also very enjoyable,” said Chapin.

He said students from the stage craft class assisted in constructing the set. He also added that he believes that the set will work out well for the actors and patrons.

The next presentation to be staged by the department will be

“Tell Pharaoh,” which will be done for the President’s Gala.