Free eye exams

Dr. Jared Vincent, Board Certified Ophthalmologist & Northeast Louisiana’s only fellowship trained specialist, will provide free glaucoma screenings at Grambling City Hall. Approximately 2.2 million Americans age 40 and older have glaucoma. Half risk going blind is because they do not know they have the disease.

Glaucoma is a condition in which the optic nerve, responsible for transmitting visual information from the eye to the brain, is damaged. Although the nerve damage is usually associated with elevated pressure inside the eye, other factors can be involved. It may begin with the loss of peripheral (side) vision and then advance to a reduction in central vision.
” …Vision loss from glaucoma can be prevented if it’s detected and treated in time,” said Dr. Vincent. “As part of Glaucoma Awareness Month in January, we urge you to get a complete eye exam if you’re at risk for developing glaucoma.”

Medicare & most private insurances will cover the cost of a full glaucoma screening.

“African-Americans over age 40, Hispanics, people with a family history of glaucoma, individuals over age 60, people with other health conditions, such as diabetes, and those who have experienced a serious eye injury are considered at risk,” said Dr. Vincent.

Since moving to Ruston last year from Dallas, Dr. Vincent has performed not only Ruston’s first Corneal Transplant, but also advanced glaucoma diagnostic testing and glaucoma surgeries never before performed in Ruston.

“With the establishment of Ruston Eye & Laser Institute and Glaucoma Specialists of North Louisiana in Ruston, the skill and technology for dealing with glaucoma is now readily accessible,” he said.

Although glaucoma cannot be cured, early detection and treatment can usually preserve vision.

To see Dr. Vincent by appointment in the office, please call 318-255-2745 (25-LASIK).