Local heats up hip-hop & b

When you think of who’s banging in music, who do you think of? Most likely someone who is blazing the lime light with rhythmic patterns and killer beats that are highlighted by an undeniable, futuristic swag. From rap to pop, to R&B, to rock, even the high tempo New Orleans bounce, we all have experienced these irresistible tunes.
So have you ever considered placing two or more of your favorite genres together to get a desired sound? That very notion to intertwine rhythm and blues gave the globe the birth of R&B.

Now think of the musical ride you would take by placing the foot of hip-hop to the pedal of rhythm and blues. The voyage of sound will lead you down the pathway of “hip-hop & B?”

This is exactly the combination of creativity of music you will get when you check out the area’s latest talent, Trence Malone aka “Greatness!”

With R&B being one of the artist’s favorite genres of music he allows his musical ear to experience different genres.

“I like anything that has meaning,” Malone declares.

Dubbing hip-hop & B his contribution to the musical genres of today, this Houston born, Ruston raised master of flow and song began his musical journey in the 8th grade, singing and writing songs for people he knew at that time.

Exercising his lyrical capabilities, Malone began to speed up the slow sensual tempo of his songs and tried his hand at rapping. That is when he discovered that he was just as good as a rapper as he was a singer.

With his skill in the art of lyrical gymnastics, this artist refuses to be boxed in and labeled as just another local artist who mimics the music styles that are around now.

“I’m not into all of the dance revolution music,” Malone states. He reassures that his sound will be like none other.

This scientist of sound has worked with local talents, such as Cook from the former rap duo Cook & Cash.

T2 from Trill Ent., Kino of Crunch Time Ent., and YJ of Underground Ent. are just few of the other artists that Malone has collaborated with to flex his music skills.

After releasing his underground mix tapes Murk the Streets Mixtape Album Vol. 1 & 2, he embraced his initial musical outlet – singing.

His newly released album Love, Hate & Relationships highlights more of the artist’s vocal versatility.

Inspired by experiences in love, Malone laced the tracks of the album with messages of love, struggle, hustle, perseverance and true-life experiences.

“Be a real man instead of a player,” Malone states, encouraging listeners not to make the same mistakes in love that he did.

“In the club,” the latest release from the Love, Hate & Relationships album, is his musical toast to the good life.

Malone will perform Feb. 13 during All Star weekend in Dallas at the Aloft ——-Hotel.

If you want to hear more from this artist, you can visit him at www.myspace.com/trencemalone.