Pro Bowl to feature top-caliber players

Brokenhearted players who fail to make the Super Bowl have a consolation prize. No, it is not a trip to Honolulu.Since 1980, National Football League players enjoyed taking family and friends off the main land for a small game of camaraderie and just plain fun, but that is no more.

The 2010 NFL Pro Bowl game will be played in the Super Bowl host city of Miami.
To say the least, some fans are disgruntled about the moving of the game. Message boards on the game’s official web site are filled with comments by fans stating the game should not have been moved and that it was a perk for the players, who played a good season, to go to Hawaii.

The game will also be played the week before the championship game, which also has fans feathers in a ruffle.
The fact that the game will be played a week before means that many of the star players who participate in the Super Bowl will not play along with those who have been pulled out of the game.

Some of the withdrawn names are Tom Brady, Randy Moss and Wes Welker of the New England Patriots, and Brian Dawkins of the Denver Broncos.

Players like Jonathan Goodwin of the New Orleans Saints have been voted into the first and will not be able to play in the Pro Bowl due to his participation in the Super Bowl.

The public is in an uproar because many of the players they wanted to see won’t participate for whatever the reason, but the player who is receiving the most attention is Tom Brady.

Even if you do not actively watch professional football, you already know who Tom Brady is. He has been the “golden boy” of the league since his unlikely, yet meteoric rise from the almost Mr. Irrelevant to Football “It” Man.

People questioned his sudden withdrawal, some saying it was, probably, just a tantrum that he was throwing for not making the Super Bowl, while others were defending him with the injuries to his thumb and ribs.

For whatever reason Tom will not be playing in the game, but all fans seem to agree that the game is somewhat overrated.
Aside from the fan disappointment and venue change, the Pro Bowl will be a game to watch.

Some players who did not get a chance to shine during the regular season and playoffs will spread their wings.
Vernon Davis of the San Francisco 49ers and Yeremiah Bell of the Miami Dolphins will show up and have a good game.

The pick for this game would have to be the National Football Conference over the American Football Conference by a touchdown.
To see the game and watch your favorite players that did not make the Super Bowl, tune in to FOX on Sunday, January 31, 2010 at 7:30 PM EST.