International students to present gala night

Invitees to the 5th Annual International Food and Culture Celebration Night can expect the unexpected at the dinner and cultural affair slated for Feb. 1 in the Black and Gold room at 5 p.m.
More than 440 International students are enrolled at Grambling State University . They represent approximately 40 cultures.
The event is facilitated by the Center for International Affairs & Programs (CIAP), and is being coordinated by Anitra McGowan, an international student advisor.

McGowan said the aim of the social programs is to ensure that the international and American students understand each other.

The upcoming activity is one of the means of accomplishing this goal.

“We want the international students to feel included. And some of the national students have not traveled. Therefore, this is an opportunity for our local students to improve their awareness and knowledge about the world,” McGowan said.

The program was originally planned for later this year, but McGowan said the event is happening sooner.
GSU’s Interim President, Dr. Frank Pogue, is eager to meet with the international students.

Students have been asked to reserve their participation and attendance as soon as possible by either responding to the e-mail sent to their GSU account or by calling Alisha Bernard at 274-7798.

Speaking to The Gramblinite earlier this week, CIAP said that students’ responses have been extremely outstanding so far.

“As an event coordinator, I was worried that we would not get full participation because of the time, but it has been the complete opposite,” McGowan said.

“The students have been more than happy to assist, contribute ideas, put in extra work . The response has been really, really good.”

McGowan credits Mahmoud Lamadanie, Executive Associate Vice President of International Affairs, for having the vision for this event.

She said this is one way of demonstrating the college’s appreciation for the students on campus.

The event will begin with the offering of sample dishes from the various countries. Then the dinner will follow, accompanied by a rich and colorful cultural show.