Freshman class president welcomes all back to GSU

As we embark upon a new semester of excitement and success, I simply want to greet each and every one of you with abundant salutations.
The results and outcomes of last semester’s agendas may have left some of us joyous and some disappointed.
However, regardless of the outcome, this is a fresh start for you and me. In no way allow the experiences of last year to keep you from succeeding this year.
I am looking forward to everything this semester shall bring to the table. There are many activities planned or being planned, and we want all of you to make an effort to attend them.
All of the projects that we put forth are in no way for our benefit, but rather for the reaping of every Grambling State University student.
So, as we move forward, make it your priority to excel in your studies and get involved as much as possible to ensure that this university stays supported and unified.
Specifically to the freshman class, I would like to encourage each and every one of you as well to work hard and achieve the uncommon. Make what’s “impossible” possible, and prove that any Class of 2013 future graduate can do whatever his/her Tiger mind desires to do.
As Freshman Class President, I am humbled and honored that I was given the opportunity last fall to serve you, and am doing my best to make sure that you are represented effectively.
Critical re-accreditations for the university and several colleges are drawing near, and we need all of you to step up and help us jump over these hurdles. All of you are important and play very vital roles in the progress and future of this great institution. So, together let’s continue to make this school “The Place Where Everybody is Somebody.” God speed to all.

Jonathan L. Allen is a freshman business management and business marketing major from New Iberia.