Dormitory demolition rumors laid to rest

Rumors of Garner,Hunter and Robinson Hall’s demolition at the end of this semester were laid to rest by the Director of Residential Life Anthony Jackson.Jackson said he is unaware of the origins of these rumors, and assured residents that those allegations are untruthful and unsubstantiated. He said if there were such a decision, he would have already been informed and alerted the residents.

The aforementioned halls, currently accommodating a mixture of American and international students, are the traditional and inexpensive dorms.

Jackson said his department is constantly working to improve the housing standards throughout the campus. According to him, there is no reason these dorms should be taken out of operation. As Jackson said, just recently Jeans Hall was equipped with wireless internet, while Garner’s internet service is constantly being improved.

Meanwhile, Jackson said his department is providing a valuable service to the students, since excellent service would mean satisfied students and increase the number of on-campus residency.

However, Jackson added that this doesn’t mean that all students can have their concerns addressed in one telephone call. He said that it’s a process which must be filtered through other departments such as the Facilities Department. The director assured residents that he is keen on providing excellent customer service.
Jackson noted that in the future students will be able to use their ID cards to operate the washing machines. In addition, students will have the option of the washing machines and dryers notifying them that their laundry has been completed. This will be done through text messages.

Meantime, Tiger Vision, a TV station operated by residential life, is constantly improving to keep students abreast concerning residential life. Jackson also said Tiger Vision provides an avenue of information and entertainment. A new program – Show Your Crib – is in the making.

Jackson said his department intends to keep dorm residents updated and acquainted with current events, even if it means having to utilize social media to get the messages across.

One of such events being planned right now by the Office of Residential Life along with the Favrot Student Union Board is Mardi Gras Masquerade to be held next month.