Donations needed for Haiti relief

Haiti was rocked by a 7.0 earthquake which has left the capital city of Port-au-Prince practically in ruins on Jan. 12. At present, the death toll is estimated to be in high thousands.

Many government agencies and non-profit organizations have extended a helping hand and are seeking donations and support from individuals.

However, numerous scammers seek to take advantage of the victims’ misfortune and subsequent donations.

The following is a list, compiled by www. charitynavigator.org, of reputable organizations to donations:

* The American Red Cross (RedCross.org)

* Americares (Americares.org)

* CARE (Care.org)

* Convoy of Hope (ConvoyOfHope.org)

* Direct Relief International (DirectRelief.org)
* Doctors Without Borders (DoctorsWithoutBorders.org)
* Food for the Poor (FoodForThePoor.org)

* Partners in Health

*Save The Children (SaveTheChildren.org)