Jill of all trades bids Grambling adieu

Life lessons include friendships, foe-ships, trust, failure, laughter, heartbreak, no regrets, motivation, inspiration, dedication, and most of all, determination. My journey through Grambling State University has taught me many of these lessons and allowed me to gain a greater determination for life.

College has been the greatest experience of my life thus far. It brought me many lifelong friends, such as Ashlee, Mekayel, Kurlyn and Austin. If I were given the space to name you all, believe me I would.
College has also given me a great second family: Bruce, Brent, Ryan and Monique, I love you! There have been many professors who have had a great influence on my life as a Gramblinite. Thank you, Mr. R. Kendrick, Mrs. Sandra Lee. Mr. Paul Gelpi, Mr. Epps, Ms. Wanda Peters, Ms. Joice M. Dunn, Dr. Ford-Dunn, Dr. Gary Poe, Dr. Laleh, Dr. Edu, Mrs. Carolyn Cage, Mrs. Gloria George, Ms. Shervondlyn Martin and all others who have impacted my stay here at Grambling.
Thank you, The Elite Modeling Entourage, for shaping my mind not only to be a better leader, but also a critical thinker in life.

To the International Modeling Society I say thank you for believing in my vision. I thank everyone for your support, even if I haven’t named you. You know exactly who you are. I love you.

Following graduation, I plan to go back home to Washington, D.C., and continue my work as a decorative painter for “Exploiting Personalities” Co. While working, I will also be prepping to attend graduate school at the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising in New York City.

Aside from my scholastic endeavors for higher education, I will continue working at making my design line, LaiMoné, a household name that everyone will love.

For the longest time, I have lived by the voice of my very own quote which states: “My dreams are only as far as I dream them. Dream them closer and touch them; now, that’s reality.” I call on everyone to pursue the desires of your hearts. Continue to stay motivated, remain dedicated, and watch your dreams unveil for your betterment. Once again, I thank everyone for your love. I love you, Grambling State University. As time goes on, remember that the only thing constant in life is change. Please, my fellow students, be the change you wish to see in the world. Today is your day, don’t waste it!