California Club presents Sex, Lies and Conversation

The Grambling State community and world have talked a lot about sex lately. World AIDS day was Tuesday. More than 7,000 new HIV cases were diagnosed last year, according to the World AIDS Day web site. Homosexual and bisexual men and BlackAfrican heterosexuals remain disproportionately affected. The California Club recently presented a discussion on sex, lies and relationships. More than 40 curious students turned out for the event.

Vice President of the California Club Trent Brown asked numerous questions, and participants gave personal opinions about relationships and love.
When asked if men or women cheat more, Shianne Winston, member of the California Club, said, “It is equal. Women tend to lie and cheat as much as men.”

As the discussion continued, Brown allowed the audience to submit a question for the panel to answer. The questions were anonymous.

One of such questions was “What does it mean to be in love?”

Brittany Segura, another member of the California Club, answered that “love is to put individual things to the side, to put your partner and your relationship first and to give someone your heart and trust them not to break it.”

David Lankster, a junior and secretary of California Club, said, ” I feel that a college student does not know the true meaning of a relationship and they tend to take it for granted.”

“I also believe that students do have questions about relationships and they need advice from people other then their friends,” added Lankster. “The purpose of this seminar is to educate and enlighten students on relationships and how they work. During my three years at Grambling, I have seen many relationships go down the drain due to lack of communication.”
Keith Williams, a junior mass communication student, said, “The seminar was great. The members on the panel gave great advice not only on relationship with your partner, but on relationships with friends as well.”

“They gave the audience a chance to speak and share their opinions and they also gave the audience a chance to answer questions. It was a success, and I hope they have a ‘Sex, Lies and Conversation. Part 2’ some time next semester.”

Imani Jackson contributed to this report.