Area resident has the gift of life

‘Tis the season for giving thanks and sharing gifts. Of all the gifts that one could give, there is no gift as precious as life. On Christmas Day 1900, Mr. Wash Robinson and Mrs. Emmaline Jackson Robinson were blessed to welcome Allie Robinson in the family.
Reared in Grambling, Robinson finished the 12th grade in 1926 in Allen Green School.
Her hard working nature and dedication helped her hold down numerous jobs.

Although she had a strong work ethic, she didn’t allow it to overpower her femininity.
“She was all woman, but worked like a man,” declared her niece Margaret C. Wright.
In a 1977 New Rocky Valley Baptist Church anniversary, she was awarded with a plaque of ‘Faithful Service’ during the years of 1912-1977. This God fearing woman served on the church’s usher’s board for more than 54 years.

Her family spoke highly of Robinson’s fun loving personality. They raved on about her teasing nature and undeniable love of people.

Robinson rarely went to the doctor unless there was a serious illness. She maintained health through home remedies.
Her family often joked with her about the remedy to her longevity in life.

“You’ve lived so long because you never married nor had children,” they would joke.

At age 104, she visited the doctor after an experience with 102 degree weather while maintaining her garden.
Robinson has seen, survived, and experienced more than a century of events, but none compared to the election of the 44th President Barack Obama.

Robinson stayed up all night long during the 2008 elections.

“I never thought I’d see it,” Robinson declared in pride. “No. No way.”

Her room at the Alpine Guest Care Center remains lined with Obama paraphernalia.
With Ms. Allie Robinson’s 109 birthday approaching, this beloved resident of the Alpine Guest Care Center will declare Dec. 14 “Allie Robinson Day.”

The Grambling High School Band and dance group, mayors of Ruston and Grambling will work with residents of the Center and the Robinson family to make the day memorable.
This Christmas, while we share gifts with loved ones, let us remember to cherish life. Allie Robinson proves that love, laughter and life are truly the greatest gifts on earth.