Weezy spits with ‘No Ceilings’

“There is no ceilings; look to the sky; the sky is the limit,” the well-known rapper states to his fans as he encourages them in an interlude on his latest mix-tape. New Orleans native Dwayne Carter, better known as Lil Wayne to the world, brought forth another masterpiece. He recently released his 11th official mix-tape titled No Ceilings.

Known for his rhyme schemes, metaphors and unique rapping, he is known to the world as one of hip-hop’s greatest rappers.

No Ceilings was available on Halloween as a free download for his fans.

It consists of 21 tracks where Lil Wayne freestyles over popular rap and R&B songs such as “Swag Surfin'” by F.L.Y., “Ice Cream Paint Job” by Dorrough, “Run This Town” by Jay-Z, “I Gotta Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas, plus many more.

He kept the features within his own artists that are on his record label, Young Money Entertainment.

The mixtape has been buzzing everywhere from Grambling State University’s campus to Twitter and on Facebook.

When asking some of GSU’s own students how they enjoyed the mix-tape, they all seemed to be pretty satisfied with what was produced by Mr. Carter.

“I thought that Lil Wayne made this mixtape interesting and was being very confident in his work,” said Dericka Marshall, 19, a sophomore from Rayville.

“He was basically saying that he is the best rapper alive, which I surely believe.”

Maurice Pearson, 20, a junior from Alexandria, was in agreement with Marshall.

“Lil Wayne returned as the real Wayne everyone knew back when he first started rapping,” Pearson said. “I believe that he murdered every track on this mixtape.”

Lil Wayne didn’t include any autotune, an audio processor, in any of his songs and seems like he is gaining a lot of respect from that. It was just him, the mic and the instrumentals.

Wayne is now being played in almost every vehicle driven and is the topic of numerous music discussions today. If you haven’t listened to the mixtape, you definitely should. It is downloadable at www.weareyoungmoney.com.