The ‘Blue’ success

The GSU Department of Theatre Arts began a four night showing of the stage play Blue Tuesday. This riveting drama was brought to life by some of Grambling’s best performers.

The show opened to a well designed set and a cast that set the pace for a dramatic and endearing production.

The plot begins with the sweet sounds of ‘Blue Williams’ blaring from the family turntable by the chic Peggy Clark.

This outstanding character was brought to life by Trichia Cadette, a sophomore from St. Lucia.

As sounds of Blue fill the air, out of nowhere Blue appears.

This sleek artist, was portrayed by Omar Johnson, a senior from Farmervillle.
The show then continued with many more memorable characters.

LaShaRae Jacobs played Latonya Dinkins, a critical character in the show. Latonya tied Peggy Clark back into Blue through a web of deception.

The one who suffered most from Peggy’s web of deceit was Ruben Clark.

Ruben was Peggy’s son of infidelity, portrayed by the breakout actor Deon R. Jones, a sophomore from Columbus, Ohio.

In the first act of the play, Ruben was seen as a 12-year-old boy struggling with how to please his beloved mother.

His childlike wit was perfected through the splendid performance by Angela O’Leary, a senior from Compton, Calif.

The second act of the play, consisted of a 15-year time elapse.

Ruben changed into a young man, made his way in Seattle as opposed to the small town living in Kent, South Carolina.

He had grown to love the music of Blue Williams which he once dreaded. He even began to play it in the store he owned.
Overall, the best performance of the night was the portrayal of Tillie Clark, the grandmother.

This work of wisdom was performed by Tiana Alexander.

Dominic Shaw, a freshman from Los Angeles, contested that his favorite scene was Tillie’s farewell scene.

“It was a really good show,” raved Shaw.
Alexander’s performance showed the audience her character’s depth and a lighter side.

Karl V. Norman, the director of the production, said the show was good for the first night.

“There were a few glitches, but the cast rallied together to pull off a good performance.