Leadership group readies for 238 new members

Sigma Alpha Pi Week, on Nov. 8 – Nov. 15, gave pending members opportunities to start their lives as leaders.Sigma Alpha Pi is an honors and leadership society. The organization not only helps members meet friends, but it also helps to construct an action plan for becoming a successful leader in the future.

Alonzo Blalock, president of the GSU chapter of Sigma Alpha Pi, described the organization as “creating and establishing a group of peers.”

Sigma Alpha Pi Week started out with a group orientation to learn more about the organization. Not only is it new, but it is also the largest organization with 238 pending members.

The week continued with leadership training, where all pending members had a chance to get to know each other with an icebreaker, which involved each pending member finding a “twin.”

Throughout the week, pending members did community service. Since there are so many of them, they were divided into two groups.

Group A helped out at the Grambling Recreation Center while Group B cleaned up in front of Freshman Village 500.
The week closed with “Success Networking Teams.”

According to the team-networking guide, SNT is a team of people who come together in an encouraging atmosphere to network, share goals/obstacles, offer advice and commit to actions to achieve desired results.
Through this process, personal bonds are formed.

Blalock was inducted in April of this year. While “success” is his favorite word, Blalock said that everything he stands for is reflected in this group.

He said that he will do everything he can so that “more people can be as fulfilled” as he is.

“We can achieve more together than alone,” Blalock said.

Sigma Alpha Pi has “enthusiastic leaders,” he said, whose members will always have someone to turn to when help or support is needed.

“(Sigma Alpha Pi) helps improve my social skills every day and also to be more open to others,” said DeAngelo Wiley, a sophomore management major. He agrees that more can be achieved by working together.

Unlike some honors societies, Sigma Alpha Pi is a continuing educational process. Once the pending members are inducted on Dec. 2, the work will not stop.