GSU welcomes Dr. Pogue

At noon on Tuesday, a voice of new leadership echoed in Long-Jones Hall. Dr. Frank G. Pogue, the newly appointed interim president of Grambling State University, gave an introduction to the GSU Student Government Association.

At the meeting, Dr. Pogue began by explaining his position as an interim president.

“I don’t know how to be an interim president, I know now how to be a president. I am about change, growth, and getting the job done. Clearly, we need to look at our mission,” Dr. Pogue said.

“We all need to know where we are going in order to know where to go. Everybody must be involved in order to reach these goals.”
Members of SGA then shared with the interim president their concerns ranging from salary problems to health issues on campus and international concerns.

“There are few concerns with international, which should be top priority.

“I feel as though the students should be allowed to get the experience of an international student, have the opportunity to learn from them,” he said. “To me, it is a part of higher learning and is associated with your degree process. In the past, I have established plenty of international opportunities.”

Dr. Pogue stated the plans he has for the university.

“I have a whole list of plans for the university. My goal is to speak with every constituent member on campus in order to listen so that I don’t implement a pre-conceived plan.”

Adamant in his vision, Dr. Pogue assured listening ears.

“Whatever I do, you, meaning GSU, will be a part of it. What I say will be in the form of a report card to identify the problems and work to achieve our goals.”
Dr. Pogue earned a doctorate in sociology from the University of Pittsburgh.

He also holds a master’s degree from Atlanta University and a bachelor’s degree in the same field from Alabama State University.
Before coming to Grambling, Pogue served as interim president of Chicago State for the 2008-2009 school year.

He has also served 11 years (1996-2007) as the first African-American president of Edinborough University in Pennsylvania.

For the interim presidency at GSU, Pogue was recommended by the UL System President Randy Moffett.

Pogue concluded the meeting by stating that he would be supporting the GSU Tigers for the upcoming basketball season instead of his alma mater, which earned him chuckles from the room.

“I know who signs my checks,” he said.