Money is actually an illusion

By definition, money is a medium of exchange issued by a government or other public authority; but I define money as a strong illusion in everybody’s life. Often times people become so engulfed by this illusion that they fail to realize that money is nothing more than a piece of paper. Money comes from the same source as paper plates and milk cartons; yet, because the government issued it, to some it becomes their world.

Money is merely an idea that society places value upon. Before cash currency was invented, people placed as much value on cattle and crops as we do now on paper.

Therefore, the significance that we place on money is just a belief that has been commonly accepted.

If my notion was that bubble gum was high in value and not cash, then money would be as worthless to me as a piece of binder paper. Money is not tangible. Money is a concept, the meaning of which has been always changed to suit our ever changing world.

As familiar and cliché as it might sound, the love of money is the root of all evil. Usually most misquote the Bible by saying “money is the root of all evil,” when in reality it is the love for it. When dealing with the idea of money, greed trails closely behind. Killing, thieving and deceit are all common links to greed.

When value is placed too highly upon something that not everybody has in abundance, some will do almost anything to obtain it.

From a pastor at a church to an official at the White House, some of the most honest people will commit the most immoral acts, for the love of money.

With so much negativity weighing money down, it must not be overlooked that money is necessary.

Whether it is cattle, crops, paper or bubble gum, a common currency is needed to maintain order in a functioning society.
If everyone had personal ideas about what they wanted to place value on, then the world would be in chaos.

Money becomes a problem because it’s not easily accessible to everyone; and because everyone views it as high in value, negative feelings about money come into play. Nevertheless, money is essential to the world we live in today.

The illusion of money can be a motivator, a separator and a life saver. Some are drowned in thoughts of money and in grasping it; but in reality the bills that can be held mean nothing unless the one who holds it understands it to be of high value.

Although cash is needed to maintain stability in a society, what we see as a stabilizer can just as easily be what causes folly.

The concept of money is just that, a concept. We as people should understand that money’s value is only as high as we place it; and if we place higher values on other ideas and concepts, then money would be equal to all other beliefs.

Danielle Savage is a sophomore mass communication major from Oakland, Calif.