“I’m gon’ get me a white boy

“You have the most beautiful brown skin,” a Black man once told me. Of course I believed him, but I have always wondered if other men felt that way. I wondered how Puerto Rican, Asian or Anglo-Saxon men viewed me. I have never dated outside of this wonderful ethnicity we call African American, but I have always dreamed of what it would be like to fall blindly in love with someone of another origin. Exactly what color is love? Brown? Pink? Green?

Back in the day, I attended predominantly White institutions of learning. So naturally I tried to stick with my kind.
But I learned that in order to be a well-cultured child, I must mingle with others. In elementary, one of my best buddies name was Emily. And she was White. She was from North Carolina, and exposed me to southern hospitality.

Emily and I did everything together. We played on the monkey bars and such. Then for her birthday, she had a slumber party.
Her mom baked cookies and we munched on pepperoni pizza.

Then her cool, high school, big brother came home from football practice. I could not take my eyes off of his brown hair, blue eyes, bulging muscles, or even the milky whiteness of his skin.

I was enamored with his looks. From that point on, I knew that I had an infatuation with guys of another race. They seem mysterious and alluring. I could tell you anything a typical Black male might say to me, but what would a man of White or of Latino descent say? I wouldn’t know!

I am intrigued that there are new ideas that a man could teach me, and any typical man that I have dated all my life could not.

“Something New” featured one of my favorite actresses, Sanaa Lathan, and Simon Baker.

The movie was about the trials and tribulations of an interracial relationship. There were ups and downs, but there was love.
I watched the movie, ate Goobers and wanted a White man to polish my toenails like he did in the film.

“A Bronx Tale”, the first film directed by Robert DeNiro, is about an Italian boy and a Black girl in love during the controversial 60’s. DeNiro is married to a Black woman.

Angela Simmons, daughter of rap mogul Reverend Run, is dating a Caucasian man. She catches a lot of flack from the hip-hop community, but won’t back down because she is in love.

Being in a relationship where it wouldn’t be considered “normal” will make you stand up and fight for your love, which makes it more passionate and juicy.

With him supporting you, and you supporting him, it could be magical. As I lie at night, listening to my Robin Thicke and Backstreet Boys compact discs, I think, “I’m gon get me a White boy.