Birth of a Goddess

The Delta Sigma Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. presented The Birth of a Goddess-The Story of Isis Fall 2009 Miss Black & Gold Scholarship Pageant on Nov. 5 in T.H. Harris Auditorium.It was there that Valencia Chaffold, an Arlington, TX, native, was crowned Miss Black & Gold 2009-2010.
It was a spectacle worthy of Isis, the Ancient Egyptian goddess of motherhood, magic and fertility.

She was said to have been worshipped as the ideal mother and wife as well as the patron of nature and magic.

She was the friend of slaves, sinners, craftsmen, the demoralized and also listened to the prayers of the powerful.
Two runners-up for last year’s pageant, Lasharae Jacobs of Orange County, Calif., and FoJulia O’Neal of Ruston portrayed Egyptian servants.

The seven contestants embodied Isis’s characteristics.
Other contestants included Misty Powell, a mass communication major from Houston; Ski Bailey, a mass communication major from Dallas; Racquel Mckinnis, a criminal justice major from New Orleans; Colby L. Johnson, a business management major from Dallas; and Keshawn R. Roberts, a kinesiology major from New Orleans.

The opening number was a dance performance of Egyptian royalty.

They were clad in linen with ornaments of jewelry on their foreheads. During brief breaks, old school R&B and soul music were played for the audience.

Up next was the daywear competition, where the future goddess donned business attire, which preceded the swimwear competition. This immediately followed the talent portion of the competition.

Powell started off the talent portion with a dance performance from the song “P.Y.T.” Frederick brought a distinctive flair to the pageant with a twirling light show. Mckinnis performed a flag routine, clad in the apparel of a majorette.

Chaffold came onstage with a robe and head scarf and suddenly revealed her true self and eloquently performed a poem reminiscent of Maya Angelou. It was titled “I’m Not Giving My Black Back” and was written by her mother.
Johnson brought the aduience back to African roots with an African dance.

Bailey sang her rendition of “Get Here” by Oleta Adams, and Roberts performed a dance routine with a combination of cheerleading moves.

Qwanelia Williams, a senior mass communication major was the outgoing last year’s Miss Black and Gold. She sang the Prince of Egypt’s soundtrack hit, “When You Believe,” and tied in with the show’s theme.

Evening wear was another crowd pleaser, with the seven hopefuls walking about the brightly lighted runway to “If This World Were Mine.”

In the next portion of the pageant, contestants were asked to present their potential platforms.

Chaffold’s platform focused on helping college students increase their self-esteem.

During the question and answer segment the African American world was the focus.

“What is the problem in Black society today and what can we do to fix it?”

Mistress of ceremonies Jalissa Meredith announced that Best Dressed was awarded to Powell.

Chaffold won Miss Congeniality, and Roberts was awarded Miss Academic Excellence.

Powell was voted Miss Black, and Miss Gold was awarded to Frederick.

Contestants graciously conceded the title.
Roberts said, “The pageant showed me the true perspective of being a lady.”

Mckinnis said, “My experience in getting ready for the pageant has been wonderful and exciting from the first interest meeting, and I wouldn’t change anything about it.”
Williams talked about her reign as she handed over her crown.

“My experience as queen was very exciting, because I feel as though I will forever be a part of the brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha,” she said.

“As the reigning queen for Miss Black and Gold, I’m really excited and honored to have worked with these lovely ladies,” Williams said of the contestants.

The new title-holder thanked God, two supportive cousins and the brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha.

“It is truly an honor to be crowned Miss Black and Gold 2009-2010.

“I’m excited to implement my platform and work alongside the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity,” Chaffold said.

Black & Gold Pageant co-chairs Cecil Kruel and Christian Jackson thanked Williams for her hard work and dedication.