Sigmas hold a ‘Getting Fit and in Shape’ seminar

Many students came out ready to sweat, burn calories, and get an awesome workout with the brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. on Tuesday night. The men sponsored aerobics with Terry Lilly during the second day of Sigma Week.

The class was intense and required hard work. Aerobics started out with a workout that focused on developing stamina, toning, and burning as many calories as possible in order to achieve personal weight loss goals, but most importantly to stay in shape and be healthy. The workout is high energy and set to upbeat music.

After the first 30 minutes of cardio, Lilly told everyone to get their mats, drink some water and come back to the gym floor. They then slowed it down and worked on the abdominal area.
Many of the students at that point became tired, but Lilly encouraged them to push themselves.

The Sigmas worked hard while smiling and were examples to the class to be determined and fight the sensation of fatigue and tiredness.

During the abdominal exercises Lilly also made sure everyone stretched for more flexibility. He slowly moves to a cool down then ends his class.

“The class was fun, and it was harder than it looked. I have a new respect for aerobics and anyone who attends on a regular.

I am happy everybody came out and supported us. I hope everyone continues to come and workout and stay healthy,” said Brian Harris, vice president of Phi Beta Sigma.

GSU student Desiree Cotton said she came out to support the Sigmas and that it was her first time coming to aerobics.
“I had fun and I will be back.”

Terry Lily hosts aerobics Monday-Thursday at 8 p.m, at the Intramural Center.