Local church hosts ‘Hallelujah Night’

Instead of celebrating Halloween, most churches and ministries offer their congregations alternatives such as Pleasant Grove’s Hallelujah Night.Kenneth Sapp, pastor of Pleasant Grove, said that there is nothing sacred about Halloween. He said, “Rather than having children on the streets going from house to house, they can come to a safe place, in a Christian environment.”

The event began with a devotional. Sapp read from Joshua 1: 6-9 and spoke about being strong and of good courage. “Joshua needed courage to take over and lead people in a barren land.

“Some day you will be called on to have courage,” he said.

Sapp said that the parents are very supportive of Hallelujah night. “It takes the stress off parents to know they can come here in a Mary Melton, who has recently moved from Birmingham to Arcadia said she likes this activity because it gives kids a chance to have fun in a Christian environment. “It is a chance for adults to fellowship, too. Many of us in Christian-based groups should get away from Halloween. I like the name Hallelujah Night. It gives it a positive spin,” said Melton.

Even the older children and young adults enjoyed this event. Markia Patton, a junior at Ruston High said, “It was fun and exciting. It brought everybody out, all ages.” She is a member of the Girls of Grace who painted the children’s faces.

Nineteen-year-old Tent Thomas, who grew up in Pleasant Grove, said that Hallelujah night gives people something positive to do with positive people instead of going to neighborhoods worrying about bad things happening. He is a member of the church’s puppet ministry.

Sapp and his congregation have been hosting Hallelujah night for 15 years at Pleasant Grove.