UL System president talks with students

University of Louisiana Systems President Randy Moffett visited GSU to hear the Grambling community’s concerns about the next president of the university on Wednesday. “The Board wants thoughtful and deliberate action in the selection of both an interim and ultimately a permanent president for Grambling. As the Board is charged with that duty, it is expected a special meeting will have to be called,” said Jackie Tisdell, assistant vice president of communications for The University of Louisiana System.

Tisdell said, “We do not have a date at this time but the Board is trying to move as quickly and carefully as possible. As is state law, public notice will be given before any board meetings are held.”

The UL System Board Rules govern that the student member on the Board of Supervisors shall serve on the Presidential Search Committee. Once the Board Chair creates a search committee their first action is to create a timeline.

This is to ensure an efficient practice of picking a president. The student member on the board is Student Government Association President Steven Jackson.

“We need a new president who is going to come in and uplift spirits. If he is to do anything he needs to reverse some decisions made by the previous administration and communicate better with students, professors, faculty and members of the surrounding community,” said Jackson.

The vote of confidence or no confidence in the Judson administration is being placed on hold until ULS selects an Interim President, said Jackson.

The vote would have applied to the total Judson administration if a representative from his administration was placed in the position of Interim University President. It is possible that the vote could still occur.

“Honestly I would love a university president that does more to speak on behalf of the students instead of doing things to make himself/herself look good,” said graduate student Andrea Dillon.

News of former University President Horace Judson’s resignation broke last Wednesday. The decision won’t be effective until Oct. 31, the day of Grambling State University’s Homecoming game.