The mystery of Elijah is now solved

In the October 1st issue of The Gramblinite, number nine in the weekly 20 questions asked “Where is Elijah”? The question has been answered. Elijah Alfred Alexander Jr., also known as “nature boy,” reported that he is doing well.
The legendary Elijah e-mailed The Gramblinite about his whereabouts.

“20 questions asked where is Elijah? I am in Washington D.C. working to get the nation under the Constitution,” Elijah wrote.
Elijah said he believes that on September 11, 2001, the Commander in Chief (G. W. Bush) was required to go to his battle station at the White House. He says instead, Bush became airborne for his own protection. In turn this allowed him to desert his duties in a time of crises.

Elijah also believes that former U.S. President George Bush, as well as new President Barack Obama, has deserted going to his battle station as an impeachable offense and makes them not be defenders of the Constitution.

“With Obama not having him arrested for desertion and aiding the enemy by allowing the Air Force not to force the airliners back on course as soon as he was sworn in, he is an accessory after the facts and also not defending the Constitution,” Alexander said in his journal.

In his protesting of the constitution, Alexander hopes to fight for military in hopes that the U.S. honors the second amendment in the Constitution. Alexander says, “Our military should be on our own land.”

“I have posted my journal on my profile page in the Monroe News Star online. I may be in Grambling for about two weeks during homecoming. Peace and Joy from your brother in the anointing,” Alexander concluded.