St. Benedict challenges students to worship

Because of their busy schedules, students sometimes find it challenging to find time to worship. St. Benedict, the Black Catholic Church of Grambling now holds a student mass on Tuesday at 8 p.m. to accommodate such students.Jonathan Tatum, an English major from Opelousas said, “This mass is held to enrich the spiritual lives of students on campus by providing a convenient time and location for students to worship.”

Tatum said that the Tuesday mass has more student participation and allows people to discover and use their talents such as singing, reading or playing instruments. He is a former president of St. Benedict’s Catholic Student Organization.

Another student, Fiona Noel-Charlery of St. Lucia, also thinks that the mass is beneficial for students as well as a great way to start off the week. “It could work out for students who are busy. If you miss Sunday, you can get a bit of mass on Tuesday,” said Noel-Charlery.

She said she feels his presence more during the Tuesday mass because the students get to be more a part of it.

“I find it is very sentimental and sets off the week for us and reinforces God’s presence and helps us to start off our week. I really like the discussions that we have after the priest does the homily and the worshiping before we start,” said Noel-Charlery, who has attended St. Benedict since she arrived in 2007.

Like Noel-Charlery, Ivy Remy believes that the Tuesday mass is a more intimate setting.

“You feel the presence of God, the presence of the Holy Spirit.”
She said the mass is a picker upper for the rest of her week. “It is spirit filled, and it helps me get through the week.”

Another thing that Remy likes is being in the chapel. “Being in a smaller place feels more welcoming,” said Remy, who sings in the church’s choir and is a member of the Catholic Student Organization.

Also, Remy said that Tuesday mass affords students an opportunity to meet fellow students and fellowship with them.

She is an economics major from St. Lucia.Sunday mass is held at 9 a.m. The priest at St. Benedict is Fr. Peter Pulivelil, C.M.I.