Homecoming kick off, a blast

The Block Party got everyone in the mood to dance and away from the depressing weather Tuesday night. It was 57 degrees outside, so Favrot Student Board President Mekayel Luke decided to move the party into the Men’s Gym.

DJ Tagman’s skills caused musical pandemonium. Raymond Canty, a senior from California, always gets the party jumping and played today’s hits and regional tunes that students love.

Even though it was cold outside, inside the gym was a hot box. Between students jerking and swag surfing, one could see the steam rise to the ceiling.

The brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi and Omega Psi Phi were in the building strolling and hopping to every song that moved to their own beat.

The party became intense when DJ Tagman announced that the brothers of Omega Psi Pi were going to judge a “dance” contest with a grand prize of five dollars and a ticket to the Comedy Show.

Four of Grambling’s boldest dancers entered, and by a unanimous decision, contestant number 3 was chosen.

His elaborate, Texas style rump shaking won over the crowd and captivated the eyes of many young men.

The party continued into electric slides and more “swagtastic dance moves. The ever popular dance group “Sumthin’ Serious” showcased the intricate dance moves that have made them popular.

“It was really fun. I had a great time … GSU students were wildin’ out. Oh yes, we were,” said Daunte Borner, a Sumthin’ Serious dancer from Dallas. “It was civilized.”

The block party turned out to be a success, despite the hideous weather.

Up until the party, it was difficult to find people giving into the beginning of Homecoming craze. The party definitely loosened up the crowd and lifted tiger spirits.

The block party got everyone in the mood for even more events and parties yet to come.