Great Review on ‘Good Hair’

This Friday numerous theaters brought Good Hair to audiences. This documentary on how African American women viewed their hair and the issues surrounding it was informative, entertaining and an eye-opener.

The creator and director of this much needed documentary, Chris Rock, not only shined light upon the science of relaxers and hair weaves, but also the emotional connection it has on our culture.

In his documentary, Rock mentions the way we have idolized celebrities or other races because they supposedly have “good hair” or “hair that doesn’t nap up.”

Good Hair caused many to question the way they truly viewed their own beauty and ethnic background.

Throughout the documentary, Rock used the term “creamy crack” otherwise known as the infamous relaxer or perm.

A scientist investigated and shared demonstrations about the chemical substance that many women use to take their hair from “nappy to happy.”

Or, to the non-urban population, from curly to straight.
Commentary from different stars such as Nia Long, Raven Symone and Melissa Ford gave true insight on the magic of weave.

These “weaveologists” held back nothing when it came inviting us into the wonderful world of weaves.

“If you can’t achieve, it weave it.”

This phrase is looked upon religiously by many of the women who either can’t grow natural hair or believe their tresses aren’t tantalizing.

Emotions throughout the documentary ran high. Some were even touching.

From the excitement of seeing one of the professional stylists sweep updos in seconds, we were amazed.

Later viewers experienced the heart wrenching cries of an Indian baby’s head being shaved so that faithful weave wearers could adorn themselves in the highly sought after “Indian Remy.”
Good Hair failed to lose our attention.

Researchers in the documentary revealed that hair is a 9 billion dollar industry that is mostly supported by African Americans.
Overall, the documentary wasn’t just a movie, but an experience.

I recommend anyone that is into hair, to go out and see it.