Unique Grambling business to open Oct. 31

Tattoo artists 6ix and Brandon are bringing their fresh ink designs to Grambling, Shreveport style. 6ix and Brandon began tattooing in Shreveport but began to notice a high clientele from surrounding areas.
Complaints were made about other shops lacking a sterile environment. The lack of cleanliness lead to customers to drive from Grambling, Ruston and Monroe to Shreveport to get “tatted up.”

“Why not short stop?” 6ix asked regarding the commute their customers would make. “Why not bring the shop to them?”

This outlook gave birth to a local tattoo shop.

Through both artists possess unique styles they stress giving that they are in the business of ink jazz and giving clients their money’s worth.

Their eye catching designs have a unique way of popping out.
They won’t allow any two customers to rock the same style.

Each of their tattoos takes on a life of it’s own, to match the personalities of the owners to the T.
Brandon and 6ix have different stories on the start in the tattoo industry.

Brandon began when he was 12. He was an apprentice under an experienced artist until he found his mojo.

Today at 26 years old, he has earned recognition from those he admires in the industry. He tatted his way to becoming known as “The Best in Shreveport.”

“I don’t think I have any competition,” said Brandon.
Brandon doesn’t limit himself to tattoos. Piercing, mural painting, and designing for local labels are all a part of this artist’s resume.

Choosing not to join the competition with Brandon, 6ix prefers to critique. “The tattoo business is no different than any other competitive industry,” 6ix went on to say.

“If one mechanic tightens brakes better than the next, people will continue to choose him. If the artist puts a little ‘oomph’ in every design, the customers will notice and always come back,’ 6ix passionately said.

6ix and Brandon’s advise to other artist is to always take it the extreme.

“In the business of ink, investing the time and creativity into each piece is a must. Doing a half-ass job is not an option,” both tattoo artist stressed.

“The artist has a task to please the customer while also staying true to their craft.”
Expectations are high for the shop. Students have begun to make a buzz and seem excited.

The shop is scheduled to officially open Oct. 31.

The owners plan to educate their customers about the importance of a sterile environment.

This publicity about the new shop means a great deal to the tattoo artist.

6ix and Brandon have their work cut out for them, but the proof is in the tat.