Twenty Questions ????

1) Can we beat being basic?
2) Is there an arsonist in Grambling?
3) Why do girls wear snow boots when it’s raining?
4) Bubble jackets, skinny jeans and Timbs? On a guy?
5) Now that it’s cold, how many classrooms have working A.C.?
6) Which professor is putting out Vogue-worthy pictures of students?
7) When is Drake’s album coming out?
8) What is going to happen to “the fence?”
9) Why did Judson really resign?
10) Who is going to read their first Gramblinite because Judson quit?
11) Could he have at least given two weeks notice?
12) Is Dixon next?
13) Who thought because Judson left Grambling they could leave class?
14) Whose professors do more testifying in class than teaching?
15) Who is wearing a Halloween costume to the Homecoming game?
16) Who just got their refund?
17) Who’s going to see Good Hair?
18) Why are there three different seasons on the different floors of JTS?
19) Who tries to put themselves in 20 Questions?
20) Are you still only reading The Gramblinite for 20 Questions?
Disclaimer: 20 Questions is intended for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Those who can’t take a joke need not read