Thompson a star in the making

It’s Monday morning and Kiare Thompson walks into his morning class cool, calm, and collected. This is no act or show. Thompson is consistently cool on and off the field.
Wide receivers have a reputation for being selfish, arrogant and self-centered.

None of those are attributes are possessed by Thompson.
This laidback G-Man strives to make himself better on and off the field.

On the field, Thompson is the Tigers’ speedy wide receiver and punt returner. He is so fast that a blink might cause one to miss the action.
Thompson is also a frequent visitor in the end zone.
Sometimes his kick returns are not only game changers but also all momentum changers.
Thompson never fails to bring a powerful field presence, great athleticism along with an impressive work ethic to the game.

Developing his game since the seventh grade, Thompson began perfecting his skill playing wide receiver.
Interestingly enough, when he first started out his mother would not let him play football.

After his mom recognized his undeniable talent, she allowed her son to indulge in what he loved. Football.
Making the most of his new privilege, Thompson played every opportunity he got.

Since arriving at GSU in 2007, Thompson hasn’t failed in his journey to improve his game.
This past season, he had 25 catches for 310 and seven touchdowns. He also managed 37 touches for 557 return yards.

Perfecting his impeccable speed along with constant strengthening, while adding to his incredible route running ability was how Thompson spent his off season.

That hard work and dedication parlayed into this season.
Currently having 512 all-purpose yards, Thompson continues to deliver.

Capturing a career milestone this year, he recorded his first 100-yard game.
In the 2009 showdown between the Prairie View Panthers and the GSU Tigers, Thompson successfully pulled off 8 catches for 133 yards making it evident that he is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the SWAC.

Grambling State Football Coach, Rod Broadway, has not only made an impact his on field performances, but he has also on him as a person.

“Whatever happens, keep pressing,” said Thompson as he quoted Broadway.

This means whatever happens on and off the field must be worked through.

As the Tigers continue into the second half of the season, fans shouldn’t expect any less from.

Thompson doesn’t plan to cease making big plays for the G-Men.

He stresses taking the season one game at a time and not look ahead.

At this point, every football game is important, if the G-Men hope to repeat success.
Being a speed-demon in the fall on the field isn’t the only place you can find Kiare in the GSU athletics.
Thompson can also be spotted on the baseball field in the spring with the GSU Baseball team.

Outside of practice Thompson enjoys spending time with his friends and cyber surfing, especially on Facebook.
One of his favorite athletes is Carolina Panthers’ wide receiver, Steve Smith.

Thompson admires the amount of heart and determination that Smith contributes to the game. He hopes to join Smith in the NFL someday.

Utilizing his breathtaking speed and quick hands, Thompson will continue on in his goal to bring another championship to GSU.